22. jun, 2017

Human olfaction at the intersection of language, culture and biology

Our abstract on the transmission of odours (with dr Per Møller, Univ. Copenhagen) is accepted for this symposium. We're now writing a short summary and making a poster.
22-23 june: http://meaningculturecognition.ruhosting.nl/news-events/events/human-olfaction-at-the-intersection-of-language-culture-and-biology/

19. apr, 2017

Odorama: Icons of Smell Science

Seeing is believing is empiricism’s credo. But what if we told you that what we see is guided by what we smell? Our experience of the world is heavily formed by the interactive play between our senses. So if you want to manipulate people’s awareness, you should bomb them with aromas! For this Odorama we invited renowned icons of olfactory science prof. dr. Ep Köster and prof. dr. Charles Spence and designer of smelly instinct triggers Leanne Wijnsma, who will explain all about the impact of scents on our consciousness.

6. apr, 2017

Independent Advisory Panel on characterising flavours in tobacco products

This panel of the European Commission, DG Health and Food Safety, is now in place:

24. feb, 2017

Applied Sensory Science has got to move on

Gratis bijeenkomst van de MOA Profgroep sensorisch onderzoek
Helaas kan ik er zelf niet bij zijn omdat ik dan zelf een lezing elders geef: http://www.vu.nl/nl/nieuws-agenda/agenda/2017/jan-mrt/2017-02-24-aromatic-art-re-reconstructed-in-search-of-lost-scents.aspx#accept

24. jan, 2017

RIVM rapport over veilig, gezond en duurzaam eten.

Het rapport is gebaseerd op enkele discussiebijeenkomsten met experts, waarvan ik deel heb uitgemaakt. (http://www.rivm.nl/Documenten_en_publicaties/Algemeen_Actueel/Nieuwsberichten/2017/Veilig_gezond_en_duurzaam_eten_in_Nederland_kansen_voor_integraal_beleid)